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Bibliographic Essay

Ancient Greek Philosophy

Modern Philosophy





Life Together Social Worlds


Domestic Life

Civic & Economic Life

Ethical & Religious Life

Political Life

Life With God


Theology Articles

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Potential Theological Book


Foundations (Bible, God as Trinity and Christology)

Human Living and Christian Living (The human predicament and salvation)

Human Community and Christian Community (Modern society and church, worship, sacraments, and government of the church)

Christian Ethical Reflection (Individual & Social Ethical)


Church and Modernity

Politics, Modernity, and Church

Concerning Marriage

Jewish, Christian, Muslim

Karl Barth

Volume 1, Prolegomena

Volume 2, Doctrine of God, including the Reality of God, the Attributes of God, the Election of Jesus Christ and therefore Predestination, and the Command of God and theological ethics

Volume 3, Doctrine of Creation,

Including the work of creation, the creature as a creature of God, a covenant partner with God, soul and body, and creatures of time; divine providence; ethics as freedom before God, in fellowship, for life, and in limitation.


Simplifying Religious Texts



Old Testament

New Testament


Chinese Confucius

Chinese Taoism


Biblical Articles

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Introduction to O T, 1 Patriarchs,

Introduction to OT 1a - Moses, & Tribal Federation

Introduction to OT, 2 Unified & Divided Monarchy, & Prophets, 1010 BC 721 BC

Introduction to OT, 3 Judah 721-586 & Prophets

Introduction to OT, 4 Exile, Post-Exile, & Greek, 586 63 BC

Introduction to New Testament

Part One: Jesus-Paul-General Letters

Part Two: John & Revelation


Spiritual Formation Articles

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Alpha Talks

John Wesley Devotional

Meditation: the Human Life of Jesus

Prayer: Friendship with God and the Modern world

Simple Christianity

What Matters Most: Christian Living in a Modern World

Emmaus Talks