The Web Oasis for the Bible and the Lectionary

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The Lectionary Oasis

The purpose of this lectionary oasis is to provide reflection and insight into the lectionary texts.  It will be useful primarily to those who have found value in using the lectionary as their discipline in preaching.

I use the Revised Common Lectionary. I have benefited from the use of the lectionary since about 1982. 

I am sharing with you my study notes on the lectionary texts. You will find quotes from the ancients. You will find contemporary insights into how the biblical text relates to today. I try to incorporate insights from tradition and culture, as well as the scholarly study of the bible. Even where I do not agree theologically, I have included quotes and observations. Since these are notes, you will not experience the unified flow of thought that you might like.  However, I hope you take this as an opportunity for prayer and reflection, as well as study. 

I share with you Bible Study notes on each of the lectionary texts.
I also share with you preaching insights to stimulate your mind and heart.
I share stories that I have found meaningful and that, I hope, illustrate the truth of the text.
I share some hymn suggestions and prayers.

The "biblical assertion" was an insight I came across several years ago in a homiletics book. It suggested that each text has a biblical assertion to which the preacher needs to remain faithful.

My hope is that you will share with me some of your insights and stories.

The Bible Oasis

Like many pastors of churches throughout the country, one of my genuine joys has been leading Bible studies.  I intend for this web site to reflect the result of studies with laity that began in 1979 and continue to the present day.  Part of that joy is interacting with current scholarship concerning the Bible.   

I admit this is not a cool site.  What I envision is placing my Bible study notes on this web site.  Therefore, the documents will be uneven in quality.  Please be patient and come back often.  I will be updating this page regularly with new studies.  These studies are not my own thoughts.  Rather, I have collected notes from a variety of sources.  Though it lacks continuity, it should give you a variety of opinions, both liberal and conservative.  I strive to interact with the best.  I hope this web site proves useful to you in your exploration of the Bible.  I hope you will visit often for the updates. 

I believe that the Bible has a message for us today.  Too often, we refer to the Bible as a living document, by which we mean we get to make the Bible mean anything we want it to mean.  When the message of the Bible is inconvenient to us, when its message goes against what we believe or what we want to do, we often try to justify ourselves.  I hope these pages help us to better understand what the Bible says to us today.  The following table contains links to those books of the bible for which I have typed up my notes thus far.  Those books not underlined do not yet have links.  Take your time, reflect, pray, and enjoy.  Send me your input and reflections. 

Genesis Exodus Leviticus
Numbers Deuteronomy Joshua
Judges Ruth Samuel
Kings Chronicles Ezra –Nehemiah
Esther Job Psalms
Proverbs Ecclesiastes Song of Songs
Isaiah Jeremiah Lamentations
Ezekiel Daniel Hosea
Joel Amos Obadiah
Jonah Micah Nahum
Habakkuk Zephaniah Haggai & Zechariah
Matthew Mark Luke
John Acts Romans
I Corinthians II Corinthians Galatians
Ephesians Philippians Colossians
Thessalonians Pastoral Letters Philemon
Hebrews James Letters of Peter
Letters of John Jude Revelation

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