Studies in the Synoptic Gospels: The Jesus of History and the Christ of Faith


            This document contains those words and deeds of Jesus that most scholars consider to be reasonably accurate historically.  I realize that this portrayal is not satisfactory to people of faith.  However, I would remind the reader that it was not satisfactory for the disciples either.  They did not become believers until they saw him after his death.  For others, their view of how God inspired the bible does not allow them to consider such matters.  If that be your case, it would be better to not read these documents.  In my view, however, God has inspired a human process that involved both what Jesus actually said and did, as well as the theological reflection of the first century upon what he said and did.  In other words, it is the canon (the books of the bible) that is our “rule of faith” as Christians.  These studies reveal where much of the scholarly world is today concerning Jesus. 


The Words, Deeds and Fate of Jesus organized by sources


Word, Deed, and Fate of Jesus organized by themes


Additions by the Galilean Community (Q) around 55 AD


Additions by Mark and his community around 70 AD


Additions of Luke and his community around 85 AD


Additions by Matthew and his community around 85 AD